Wednesday, March 5, 2008

oh, nadine ... you are a traitor to your gender

Dear Miss Dewey Decimal
Unfortunately there was no payment transaction done through emove because the credit card was declined. As for your sexual harassment issue with the moving helpers you should definitely contact the authorities.

Thank you for contacting Moving Help® Customer Support.

Thank you.
Moving Help® Customer Support Team

It is extremely troubling to me to see just how little concern eMove has for the character and behavioral standards of their movers. You can hide behind the technicality that my credit card did not go through and I wound up hiring these movers outside of your site. But the simple fact is that I got them from your site. They got my contact information from YOU, and then used it in a highly inappropriate, offensive, and unprofessional manner. What will your excuse be for the next woman who is harassed by a member of All Star Movers?

-Miss Dewey Decimal


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Nadine is somewhere right now, trying to figure out a reply to one-up yours. I assure you she will not.

Where is Jesus when you need him? Oh right, he pawned this off on Nadine.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

jesus is always pawning off stuff on people. that, my friends, is why i am a jew.