Thursday, March 6, 2008

morning, interrupted

so monday as i was getting ready for a job interview, i realized much to my dismay that there is no outlet in my bathroom. this has caused quite an uproar in my morning routine, as i absolutely have to blow dry my hair every day. see, my old routine went as follows:
brush wet hair
get dressed
return to bathroom to put in contacts, moisturize face, take vitamins, apply deodorant.
then, even though i would have just gotten dressed, i would then take off my top so that i could dry my hair in my bra. why do i do this? i have no idea. i just get too hot under that blow dryer i guess.
then i would redress, apply hair product, then slap on some makeup, if i was in a makeup mood.
then lastly i would put on my shoes as to not "clomp around" and wake the roomie.
but now everything has turned into turmoil, since i have lost the ability to dry my hair in the bathroom. i am making so many trips up and down the hall. furthermore, i wound up blocking the door from my bedroom to my closet (i will fix this over the weekend) so i am walking into the hall then back into my bedroom to get clothes. and my hanging clothes are very far from my underwear and mirror. so even getting dressed is taking longer as i have to walk back and forth. oh, the dilemnas of having a spacious home!
this morning i think i really tweeked my new routine. i did a lot of change-ups, but i think it worked:
brush hair, then stay in bathroom to put in contacts and take vitamins
(then i changed the bandage on my latest sports injury in which i sliced my finger open with a scissors)
walk to closet and pick out outfit (i am wearing my marc jacobs flapper-print baby doll dress! as seen at my new year's eve eve party)
go into bedroom and put on undergarments
apply deodorant
dry hair (in "beauty area" that i have created in my bedroom)
get dressed (except shoes)
go to bathroom to apply hair product, moisturize face, then apply makeup
put on boots
walk out the door at 9:09 am
now my second problem is that i am now without the kurdish bodega (sob sob, i never even said goodbye!) so i don't know where to get my morning tea. graham ave is a little far to walk to and then walk back to my car. so i decided to go to the corner of kingsland, even though that is on the project side of my block. and lo and behold there was a bodega right there that serves hot beverages. however when i asked for a large english breakfast tea with milk and one sugar they looked at me like they had no idea what i was talking about. then i helpfully pointed to their display of teas which are obviously never used. they forgot, in all the chaos, to put in the milk and sugar but i'm sure over the next few days i can get them trained. they also had the cherry frosted pop tarts i like.
made it back to the car by 9:19, plenty of time! so i warmed up the car and then made the unfortunate mistake of reading the nutritional label on the pop tarts. i think my pop tart phase is now over.
but i made it to work with time to spare. so i think i am getting used to this new life of spacious luxury in which i now live.
i am thinking about buying a vanity dressing table type thing for my beautification needs.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

I have many comments:

1- you actually can have a "no make up mood"? I never had one of those in my life!
2- I too had the walking-back-and-forth issue since my bedroom and bathroom are on opposite sides of the apartment- that is why I had to tweak my routine to LIMIT THE NUMBER OF TRIPS. This can save 10 to 15 minutes easily
3- Of course you need a vanity/beautification area. Every lady does.
4- You didn't think pop tarts were GOOD for you, did you? Try the many cereal bars available. I particularly love the Fiber One bars. They're sweet, delicious and full of fiber (9grams).
5- I'm so proud!!

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i know it's hard to fathom but sometimes i actually leave the house bare-faced. and i'm okay with it.
i just found a vanity dressing table on craigslist for $60. if only i could find a big hulking man to help me load it into a vehicle.
anyway, it's not that i thought pop tarts were good for me, i was just avoiding the facts about how bad they are. i will look into these cereal bars that you speak of.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

If you find that big hulking man, I have some um... work... he can do for me too.