Saturday, March 8, 2008

it's saturday morning ... do you know where your neighborhood librarian is?

ah, another saturday in the 'brary. but what is better about this saturday is that now that the senior clerk is gone, if i am imprisoned in the library on a saturday, i at least am imprisoned with our regular clerk, who is non-offensive.
i woke up early this morning so i could stop by dunkin donuts and get a large tea and whole wheat bagel (day one of my pop-tart-free existence begins!), then sang pretenders songs in the car on the drive over. then i came into a completely locked up library. let me tell you, there is nothing finer than walking around a dark empty library. everyone should have an abandoned library at their disposal. so i walked around in the dark, turning on all the computers. then i did the money, which i am now getting good at (because i do not suffer from any mental retardations, despite what ms. manager may think). and then the regular clerk came in and i was done with my library prep chores. la la la, so relaxing.
i don't believe i mentioned this, but thursday we did a science experiment. so exciting! we're making rock candy! so i went into the meeting room to check on the rock candy progress. so far, there isn't much going on. maybe by monday things will have improved.
oh, and yesterday i had a lovely day. first i went to a promising job interview at all all-girls school. it was very cool and not at all stuck up (i was worried about the stuck up factor). then i met up with my mom on strong island and we did some shopping. i found a very cute dress for the upcoming wedding. i also found a very cute dress that would be appropriate if i was going to a cotillion or if i lived in wonderland. it's betsey johnson. need i say more? anyway, i will post the pic i had my mom take in the dressing room. that is, if i ever unpack the usb cord for my camera.
and that dear blog readers is my exciting life thus far.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

Do let us know about that rock candy today!

Hooray for your yummy whole wheat bagel. I will bring a fiber one cereal bar to class for you on Wednesday so you can try it.

Miss Dewey Decimal said...

i cannot contain my excitement over the fiber one cereal bar