Monday, March 24, 2008

taking a break

so when ms. assistant and i come up with our monthly calendar sometimes there are holes in it and we have no idea what to put there (we have not even started our april calendar yet. gasp!) last month when we were all frazzled and burnt out with no idea what to do on the last two mondays of the month, we turned to my favorite kid and said, "hey ... favorite kid, what should we do on the last two mondays of march?" and he said that we should make fake money and color it in.
now, that it NOT a good idea for a program. not at all. but then i thought about it and i decided what WOULD be a good idea for a program would be if we had the kids make fake money and buy fake stuff from fake stores and then make fake change. because when i am helping the kids with money related homework problems they need a lot of help. A LOT of help. and thus the program Spending Spree was born.
so today was the first day of spending spree ... i explained what a business is and then the kids decided what type of business they would like to make. each kid made a sign for their business and a list of a few items their business would sell. next week we will make fake money and the kids will go around to the various businesses and buy fake items with their fake money and the business owners will make fake change. it's fun ... and they'll learn stuff.
who is brilliant? me.
so after a while i went back to my desk to work on my book order and one of the kids came out and told me that he was on a fifteen minute break.
"huh?" i said cleverly.
"you know," he said, "from work ... at my business. i'm on a break."

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