Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one step closer to being fired

just the other day i was thinking to myself how i was having a pretty good illness-free streak. i haven't gotten any strange bahaman stomach viruses, i haven't gotten laryngitis or sinusitis in a while, i haven't scratched out my own eye. and when i did my time sheet for february i noticed that i didn't take any sick days! or have any latenesses (as usual) and or any questionable stuff at all. i was on a roll. but last night i came down with the worst sore throat ever and i was up until about 4 am tossing and turning. and then my alarm didn't go off this morning and i think it was kismet that i was meant to stay home and nurse this sore throat. it really hurts! so i called in sick. ms. manager was in a meeting so i left a message, which i pray she gets. but i realize that i will probably be sat down for some sort of disciplinary hearing when i return. and i could go to a doctor and get a note, but a) i don't think that even helps anyway and b) it is kind of a waste of my time (what's she going to say? yes, your throat is in fact sore! well, duh).
and now i am home in bed obsessing over random work stuff: oh, yesterday i forgot to buy the newspapers and now i am calling in sick. i am so awful. OR yesterday i asked ms. manager to switch saturdays with me and now i have the nerve to call in sick on top of that. do you see how they effect me so? it's not right. i should be allowed to be sick, damnit!

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