Monday, March 24, 2008

sometimes kids come in looking for books

there is this teen that comes into the library and he actually reads books. i know, incredible. anyway, for a while he would ask for books and i would help him find them or i would reserve them for him. then one day he noticed that i knew about these books and sometimes if we didn't have one of these books he was looking for i would say something like, "oh, but this book is good, try this one instead." and then it kind of dawned on him that i too read books and that i know which ones are good. shocking. so now we have this nice little routine where he comes up to me and just says, "i need a book," and then we walk to the YA area and i pull a bunch for him (i do this out of the awesomeness of my heart, even though i am not the YA librarian)
SO, last week i gave him the book finding lubchenko (he had asked for beyond the chocolate war by cormier but we don't own it). i said something like, "it's about a wise-ass kid who hates school and becomes involved in international espionage." well, he was sold instantly. today he came back and said he had finished finding lubchenko, loved it, and wanted the sequel (which we don't own but i put in a reserve for him. did i mention that i reviewed the sequel for school library journal? well, i did.) and then he said he needed a book for "right now" and i gave him acceleration by graham mcnamee, telling him it was about "a smart-ass teenager who works in the lost and found at a subway and finds the diary of a serial killer and decides to track him down." again, he was sold instantly. then he commented that he felt that it was dangerous to track down serial killers, and i concurred and we both agreed that these matters are best handled by the police, but he took the book nonetheless. and i walked back to my desk feeling good that there is one young person actually reading books in my library.

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